Roof Damage Insurance Claims

When dealing with storms or accidental damage to your roof, one of the biggest hurdles you will probably have to jump through is getting the insurance claim filed and then awaiting a response. Going from having a damaged roof to having a repaired and effective roof can involve more hassles than just calling the proper repair peoples and solving the issue. As most roof repairs are quite costly, there is almost always a large amount of red tape to cut through. At Cary Roof Repair, we are here to deliver a service that attempts to alleviate some of those hassles and allow you to quickly have your problem addressed and fixed sooner rather than later.

Cary Roof Repair has a certified contractor on staff available for assessment and report to your insurance company. With many years of experience, we’ll provide a complete inspection summary. There’s no need for revisits or adjustments to your claim to allow you to have your service needs met quickly. R-visits and re-calculations are one of the most time-consuming aspects of a roof damage insurance assessment. They can turn an afternoon’s worth of inspection into weeks of bureaucracy, only to make sure your roof indeed needs repair.

We work with your insurance company

A new or inexperienced contractor is generally unfamiliar with the needs of the insurance company. They may not know how to carefully compile the pertinent roof damage information in the first draft, wasting unnecessary time. With our contractors, you can leave your worries at the door. When we send the information, it will be complete and with the insurance company’s necessary needs in mind.

Having significant damage to your roof is frustrating enough. But if you can’t the necessary repairs done, you can feel helpless. Even worse, your property is now vulnerable and at risk for further damage from any subsequent weather or storms. No one wants to arrive at home each day to see sections of their roof under tarpaulin rather than shingling.

Even worse, if it’s a commercial roof, you may have to shut down your business for repairs. An unsafe roof will lead to dangerous conditions for customers and employees. It’s not only an annoying problem but costs you money by the literal minute.

Trust our experts to deliver you fast and efficient service. We keep your best interests in mind and work with your insurance company. This way, both side’s interests are met, satisfied, and everyone is on the same page. You’ll be well on your way to having a once again complete building or home.

roof damage insurance claims

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